Sunday 17 August 2008

The pro-life movement needs a clear direction

How can we move forward in the pro-life movement? This is a key question. A clear direction is needed and we must make the very best use of our resources – that is, pro-life people.

Two specific areas on which SPUC is focusing are schools and hospitals. In schools, every time parents voice their concern to schools authorities about explicit sex education and sexual health clinics on the schools premises they are resisting government policy. Every teacher, who refuses to participate in anti-life lessons, is striking a blow against the government.

In hospitals, every time a friend or relative questions doctors carefully about the treatment of a loved one, they are challenging the culture of euthanasia.

SPUC has developed two campaigns to push forward the resistance movement on which I’ve blogged in the last couple of days. Safe at School supports and advises a parents and teachers. Patients First Network supports and advises those trying to defend a loved one at risk from euthanasia.

SPUC’s biggest resource in this great undertaking is pro-life people. Will you order two or three copies of our new Safe at School leaflet and of our new Patients First Network leaflet. You will know someone you can give these to and help spread the resistance movement. We also need you to organise a group – no matter how large or small - to whom we can come and talk about these campaigns.

Next month I’m speaking about building a pro-life resistance movement and about the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill in Uxbridge (1st September), Newport (10th September), Leyland (15th September), Bedford (17th September), and Rotherham (24th September).

And at the SPUC national conference in Derbyshire from 5th – 7th (Friday to Sunday) next month, building the pro-life resistance movement will be a major theme. You can find a booking-form here.

To order leaflets contact and for help in organising a local meeting telephone Tony Mullett on 01772 258580