Monday 8 June 2009

Amoral political masters hurting young people with failed reckless strategies

The government, with the help of Brook, the abortion referral agency, is drawing up guidelines which include making free condoms available to teenage boys just about everywhere, including football grounds, barber’s shops and scout huts. Boys will be issued with a card entitling them to the condoms after they have attended a so-called safe sex lesson. The scheme has been set-up so that obstacles - such as parents - are removed from boys' access to condoms.

This scheme will result in more hurt to young people, especially young girls who so often become the victim of brutish male behaviour, more sexually transitted infections, and more abortions.

Like the expenses scandal, this scheme also shows how amoral many of our political masters have become. Such amoral behaviour is irrational, flying in the face of facts and common sense. Government officials are in denial that their teenage pregnancy strategy has failed, despite irrefutable evidence. And as those MPs implicated in the expenses have found out, living in denial simply makes the day of reckoning worse. However, those who suffer will be the unborn, young people and their families - not the politicians pursuing these cruelly reckless policies.