Wednesday 3 June 2009

Extreme pro-abortion anti-family report presented at Human Rights Council meeting

A report into violence against women has been used to promote an extreme pro-abortion agenda at the United Nations Human Rights Council, currently meeting in Geneva. The report, by Yakin Ertürk, the council's special rapporteur on violence against women, attempts to link bans on abortion with violence against women. The report is entitled "15 Years of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences (1994-2009), a critical review".

Pat Buckley, representing SPUC at the council meeting, commented:
"Irrespective of what the report says, there is not and never can be a human right to abortion. The idea of trying to create a right to terminate the life of the most vulnerable human beings, by tearing them from their mothers' wombs, is in fact the very essence of violence against women and their babies."
The report refers to "violations related to reproductive rights pertain[ing] to violence occurring directly and indirectly as a result of State action/inaction in the context of reproductive health policy", such as "criminal sanctions against all forms of abortions".

The report has yet to be approved by the council, which will meet until 19 June. SPUC is urging government representatives to study the report carefully, as it appears to contain many unacceptable and disturbing claims against the value of human life, the status of the family and the dignity of women.