Saturday 20 June 2009

So-called human rights experts out of touch with human values

Among the many things discussed at last week's session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, was the Yogyakarta principles, something which I've blogged on 29 April this year and 22 November last year. The Yogyakarta principles, amongst other things, call on States to "ensure that all sexual and reproductive health, education, prevention, care and treatment programmes and services respect the diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities, and are equally available to all without discrimination"; according to the World Health Organisation's definition "sexual and reproductive health" services includes the provision of abortion on demand.

As usual, British politicians are already implementing such radical re-engineering of human relations. The government is, through its Equality bill and its Coroners and Justice bill, are seeking to suppress any dissent from its anti-life agenda. The Conservative party, Britain's main opposition party, are also working against family values, with David Cameron, the party leader, due to join this year's annual Gay Pride march, and with the Conservative party annual conference due to host its first-ever "gay pride" social event.

Earlier this month I blogged about how these political leaders have misunderstood human sexuality, and the impossibility of protecting unborn children effectively where such a misunderstanding is present. I also think that the so-called human rights experts who advise those political leaders are deeply out of touch with human values. Pat Buckley, representing SPUC at Geneva, reports that one of the so-called expert speaker, Neha Sood of the Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights
"told the meeting that she assumed everyone present were feminists, otherwise they could not claim to support human rights. She also told the meeting that the real problem in society is Patriarchy and it was responsible for making women second class citizens and creating the discriminatory institution of marriage an institution."
That such outdated Marxist dialectics are being allowed to be promoted at UN meetings suggests that it is the pro-life movement, and not these anti-life ideologues, which actually upholds authentic human goods - life, love and children.

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