Monday 24 August 2009

Video testimony of family support for anencephalic baby

As I blogged on Saturday, the Brazilian government wants Brazil's supreme court to allow the abortion of unborn children with anencephaly - babies missing the upper part of the brain. The court case has resulted from the story of Marcela de Jesus Galante Ferreira, a girl with anencephaly who lived for one year and eight months, much longer than most infants born with the condition.

Marcela's family and doctors have given their testimony in a two-part video made by pro-lifers in Brazil. Click on the images below to view the video. Subtitles for the video are available in English and Spanish (click on the YouTube logo to view on the YouTube site, click the tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the box and then click CC). Here are some marvellous quotes from the video:

Marcela's mother's gynaecologist:
"We had a very bad prognostic for Marcela, but I was completely against the termination of the pregnancy ... First of all, a doctor must seek life".
Marcela's mother:
"I said to my family that if someone wanted to talk to me, to give me support to help me to go on with the pregnancy, that person would be welcome. But if someone came to say that I should terminate, I would send that person away."
Marcela's sister:
"[Marcela]'s saving and still will save the lives of many other children. People see her story on TV and can have hope. Mothers can have hope."
Marcela's father:
"As [Marcela's] father...I would like to ask people to remove the possibility of abortion from your heads ... [D]on't eliminate this child, because it's very hard, the suffering will be much worse if you do it, you are going to kill a defenceless child."
The video is proof that there are many people around the world who support an amnesty for unborn children. Find out how you can join them - visit the Amnesty for Babies website today.

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