Wednesday 8 December 2010

May the world copy the example of Chile's culture of life

Dan Zeidler, who is well-known within the international pro-life movement as an authority on the fight for unborn babies in central and south America, has sent me a great pro-life video about Chile's culture of life. The video links the recent world-famous rescue of 33 trapped miners, government advertisements promoting protection for unborn children and Chile's pro-life laws. Dan writes:
"Chile’s pro-life policies have helped make Chile the safest place in all of Latin America for a mother to give birth. Chile has the lowest maternal mortality rate in the whole continent.

Chile’s new president, Sebastián Piñera, expressed a strong position against abortion during his campaign, and during his May 21st presidential speech to the nation, he announced a new government program called “Committed to Life” to offer help to pregnant women to carry their babies to term.

The government of Chile has also made strong declarations at recent UN meetings explaining that Chile is a pro-life country, and will not accept abortion."
Do watch the video on YouTube or Vimeo

Chile, the Miners, and Respect for Life from Dan Zeidler on Vimeo.

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