Tuesday 21 December 2010

Parliamentary Select Committee confirms failure of international pro-abortion lobby

Yesterday, the Select Committee on International Development (in the British House of Commons) confirmed, what I reported in October, that the pro-abortion lobby has failed to hijack the millennium development goals in order to promote legalized abortion throughout the world. Their failure followed a worldwide lobby initiated by SPUC's chief lobbyist at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva - a lobby which focused on the false claims made by the pro-abortion lobby and the fact that more abortions do not lead to fewer maternal mortalities.

It's another welcome reminder that pro-life lobbying works. We're not successful every time as is so tragically obvious here in Britain, rightly described as the geopolitical centre of the culture of death. However, well-informed, courteous, disciplined lobbying works.

In their report published yesterday, the Select Committee praises the British government's commitment to promoting abortion overseas* but complains:
"We were surprised to see that the Summit Outcome Document does not mention population growth at all. We also believe this issue is under-prioritised in the current MDG framework. The world's population is growing and it is startling that global development structures do not take account of this increasing squeeze on resources. We welcome the Secretary of State's commitment to put reproductive health at the centre of DFID's programmes, and to extend contraception to 10 million couples. As 2015 draws closer, we recommend that DFID advocate strongly that the post-2015 framework give sufficient attention to the issue of population growth so that future targets take account of the need to address the world's increasing number of people."
To learn about the benefits of population growth and about the myth of overpopulation, take a look at the Population Research Institute's (PRI) excellent video series which you can find here - and you can also find out about the science behind their videos.

*The promotion of abortion and contraception dominated the Coalition government's consultation on reproductive, maternal and newborn health earlier this year.

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