Wednesday 24 September 2008

Attacking the sacred in the name of abortion and sexual “freedom”

Today I am going to take a look at deliberate acts of sacrilege committed in the name of abortion. This will make for disturbing reading but it is important to expose the depths to which the abortion lobby is prepared to sink in order to forward the culture of death. It says a great deal for the nature of their business that the pro-abortion lobby feels the need to attack everyone, including God, in the course of their work.

A runner-up this week is the self-publicist Danish artist who built sculptures of pregnant teenagers nailed to crosses in a parody of the crucifixion entitled "In the Name of God". It is being used as part of a crusade (the press release’s word not mine) against “the extreme Bible fundamentalists – with Bush and the Pope at the head” – in other words against an understanding of human sexuality to which the artist is opposed. The artist claims that the stunt “is not a global accusation against Christianity” and says he likes “progressive Christians” whom he says he speaks for. The artist claims furthermore that the stunt is an analogy not a caricature, with the teenager being a symbol of innocence subjected to "the ultimate punishment" like Jesus the lamb, but this is simply nonsense. The artist’s theological musings don’t disguise the reality that he has degraded a symbol sacred to Christianity and is causing maximum hurt and offence to Christians in order to make a statement. He apparently intends to parade his creations in various Catholic countries as well as Vatican city. The artist says his sculptures should not be seen as “a comment on the issue of abortion”; but, the fact is that the sculpture has been used in Nicaragua as part of the campaign to legalise abortion in that country. Mockery of Christ’s sacrifice for the whole of humanity and attacks on the sanctity of human life are, for Christians like myself, inseperably linked.

Moving across the globe to Argentina comes another contender for the Orwell Prize - the members of a pro-abortion rally who attacked a group of young people stationed outside a cathedral to protect it from desecration. According to European Life Network, which ran the story:

“The video clearly shows the pro-abortion protesters screaming insults and spitting in their faces, whilst the young people calmly pray and refuse to retaliate. This is the sort of despicable action the abortion lobby seems to revel in - an unprovoked attack on innocent people at prayer- and then place blame on the pro-lifers.”

Also featured in the video are men mocking the actions of priests and, according to Spanish speakers, members of the crowd screaming comments about Mary being a whore.

But in first place this week is a man who had himself filmed taking a consecrated host "hostage" during a Catholic Mass. It was then filmed next to a condom (the whole stunt was apparently supposed to be a protest against the Church’s teaching on sexuality). After that, it was sent to a Dr P. Z. Myers at the University of Minnesota, who filmed himself mistreating the host, piercing it with a rusty nail and throwing it into the dustbin.

“Political language ... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind." George Orwell