Sunday 21 September 2008

Delivering them into evil

I strongly urge my visitors to read Witness to Love's superb analysis of "Lifetracks", a personal development programme supported and promoted by Connexions in schools.

As you may know from my previous posts, Connexions is a government agency which provides careers advice to young people from 13 - 19 years old and which promotes access to abortion and abortifacient birth control amongst children under the age of consent without parental knowledge or consent.

Our Witness to Love is a Catholic English teacher working in Catholic High School. His PhD thesis, completed at the University of Nottingham, was on children's reading and the moral imagination - and he has a background in Psychology, English and Education. He and Martha, his wife, have six children. As an academic, a teacher and a father, he is uniquely well-qualified to comment on "Lifetracks" as his analysis shows.

"Lifetracks", despite Witness to Love's objections, has been used for several years in his Catholic school. He describes how the programmes marginalizes the family, and how its misleading and factually inaccurate "information" strips authentic Catholic teachers and parents of their authority, promotes the idea that there are no solid norms regarding human life, human love and lifestyles, and prepares children from 13 years old for sexual activity.

Witness to Love tells us that "Worksheets for children in years 9 and 11 contain 'information' about contraceptives which fail to mention the medical risks to women of taking the pill, nor the abortifacient properties of the 'morning after pill' or certain IUDs." He tells us that the programme contains "plenty of suggestions of where to obtain an abortion through the Connexions website".

Witness to Love suspects the "Lifetracks" programme is used in many schools, including Catholic schools in the UK. Please will you check if it's being used in schools attended by your children, grandchildren, or the children of your friends, neighbours or fellow-parishioners? Please let me know - at

I have said it before and I will say it again. The government's providing access to children with abortion and abortifacient birth control and preparing them for sexual activity is the worst development in Britain since the passing of the Abortion Act. And as a Catholic, I say that Catholic authorities delivering our children into evil is the worst betrayal of their sacred trust that I can imagine. We cannot rest until the Catholic Education Service has been instructed by its chairman, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, and by the Catholic bishops of England and Wales, to reverse its wicked policy of welcoming Connexions' advisers into Catholic schools in England.