Monday 8 September 2008

TUC abortion policy, agreed today, plays into the hands of unscrupulous employers

This is a warning to watch out for the insidious promotion of abortion at your place of work.

This afternoon at the Trades Union Conference (TUC) conference in Brighton, the TUC voted through a motion to promote abortion. Amongst other things, Motion 19 calls on trade unions to promote abortion rights within the work place under the guise of ‘equal rights’.

There is the usual shameless promotion of abortion on demand but there are two parts of the motion to which I particularly draw attention: a call for the publication of “guidance and support for trade unions on workplace issues relating to access to abortion and time off for treatment” (section vi) and a call for the extension of the 1967 Act to Northern Ireland (section iv).

The truth is that abortion hurts women and abortion is the antithesis of equal rights. My worry is that promoting abortion in places of work will also promote an anti-woman, anti-motherhood, agenda in the workplace. Unscrupulous employers seeking to avoid key workers taking up to a year’s maternity leave might well find the TUC policy of promoting abortion within place of work very convenient. How convenient for employers to put their selfish business interests first under the guise of women’s rights!

This is also a call to people in the workplace in Northern Ireland. As I have blogged previously the pro-abortion lobby is spreading lies about backstreet abortion in Northern Ireland. Now the TUC, no doubt on the basis of such lies, is joining the campaign to impose the British Abortion Act on Northern Ireland against the wishes of the people there. Propaganda in the workplace put out by pro-abortion trade unionists in Northern Ireland should be actively challenged and resisted.