Monday 13 July 2009

Baroness Campbell, resisting the campaign for assisted suicide

The Daily Mail and The Telegraph have featured Baroness (Jane) Campbell, the disabled peer who played a major role in defeating Lord Falconer's attempt to undermine the ban on assisted suicide last week. In the Daily Mail, she writes:
"Not a single organisation representing disabled people, terminally ill patients or those who are old supports euthanasia-legislation. They understand its likely consequences ... I hope too that my experience of disability and terminal illness helps others to see beyond the wheelchair to the person sitting in it. And to understand that fear of disability or illness should never be allowed to undermine our respect for human life."
And in her interview in The Telegraph, she says:
"[Y]es, it's true that within a year or so I will likely be on a ventilator full time. Probably won't be able to swallow either. But, believe me, I absolutely love my life. You take the hand you were dealt. And believe me, if you said to me that I could be born tomorrow without my condition I would say no thanks. Because I am me because of my condition, not despite it.''
Do read the two feature articles in full, and use them when writing to parliamentarians and the media to oppose assisted suicide.

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