Monday 27 July 2009

Book now for SPUC's national conference, 4 to 6 September

It's important to come to this year's SPUC's national conference, 4 to 6 September, in beautiful Derbyshire. You can download the full programme here and the booking form here. Come and bring the family!
Conference topics include:
  • youth pro-life activism;
  • the dangers of the Obama presidency;
  • how to combat the British government's sex and relationships education proposals (including their drive to provide children under the age of sixteen with abortion and birth control drugs and devices without parental knowledge or consent)
  • the history and the growth of medical killing - for example, euthanasia by neglect - in Britain; and
  • SPUC's pro-life general election campaign.
The battle against abortion in Northern Ireland takes centre-stage at the conference with leading Northern Irish politicians speaking on Saturday.

Also speaking will be Bobby Schindler from the US, about his sister Terry Schiavo, who died in March 2005, from severe dehydration, allowed by the courts. This case mirrors the landmark decision in the case of Tony Bland who, like Terry Schiavo, was said to be in a persistent vegetative state (PVS) (better described as a persistent non-responsive state). The judges let doctors stop giving him food and fluids by tube, and thus allowed intentional killing by neglect for the first time in English law.

The Reverend Arnold Culbreath, a Baptist minister, who runs Protecting Black Life in Cincinnatti, is speaking at SPUC's conference about the dangers of the Obama presidency. As Monsignor Michel Schooyans put it recently at a Vatican conference, under President Obama, racism has been restored to the US in its pre-natal version.

Also speaking in Derbyshire at SPUC's conference will be Dr Jack Willke, the father of the US pro-life movement, on signs of hope in the worldwide pro-life movement. There's much else besides, including good fun for the young and the not-quite so young.

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