Tuesday 14 July 2009

Pro-life arguments for an Irish NO vote on the Lisbon treaty

Richard Greene of Coir, a group campaigning against the EU's Lisbon treaty, argues in today's Irish Times why Irish pro-lifers should vote against the treaty. Here are a few points of Mr Greene's key points:
  • "This Lisbon Treaty will remain unchanged by any assurances obtained by the Government on any issue."
  • "Neither are these “guarantees” legally binding on the European Union ... In fact, they are merely political promises".
  • "[T]he Charter of Rights attached to the treaty [will] become legally binding on all EU member states if Lisbon is passed."
  • "That charter ... will be the basis of a legal challenge to Ireland’s abortion laws which will surely be brought before the European Court of Justice. This court would have enormously enhanced powers to decide on social and moral issues, such as abortion, under the Lisbon Treaty."
  • "Any protocol on the right to life (or on family law) can come into conflict with the charter – and the European Court of Justice can use the charter to overrule the conflicting protocol and impose abortion on the Irish people."
  • "[T]he matter will still be in the hands of the European Court of Justice, not the Irish people, if the Lisbon Treaty is passed."
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