Saturday 17 July 2010

Join our campaign against TV abortion ads

Pictured (right) is SPUC’s latest leaflet, explaining why TV adverts for abortion should be stopped.

If you are visiting this post from Britain, you might consider ordering this leaflet and distributing it as widely as possible over the summer months. It's designed to be easily read, and includes a special section addressing mothers-to-be (“Baby on board?”). In this way, it provides a powerful counter to the Marie Stopes TV advertising campaign.

The leaflet avoids naming the Marie Stopes abortion organisation (we don’t want to advertise them!), but many people will share our revulsion at the idea of TV ads for abortionists, and this leaflet tells them what they can do.

We need to distribute the flyer as widely as possible, so that we can ensure that expectant mothers get the help they need. Can you set an ambitious target – to cover your street or a number of streets in your neighbourhood? Can you enlist one or two others to help – or five or six – or a dozen?

The leaflets are designed for distribution to the general public, and they are of course free of charge.

You can distribute them:
• door-to-door
• at churches (with permission of the local clergy)
• at summer fetes, street stalls, car-boot sales, etc
• on the high street – near shopping centres, sports events, railway stations, etc.
(Please be aware that you should ask permission if distributing the leaflets on private property – such as a railway station, many shopping precincts and car-parks.)

TV abortion ads give offence to many people, not least those who have been affected by an abortion experience. They will also result in greater pressure for reluctant women to submit to abortions.

To order leaflets email me at

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