Wednesday 25 August 2010

The rise in teenage abortions in Wales is tragic

SPUC has responded to new statistics which show that the proportion of recorded teenage pregnancies which end in registered abortions has risen.

Paul Tully, SPUC's general secretary, told Wales Online yesterday:
"The latest quarterly abortion figures for Wales show the highest ever proportion of babies concieved to women and girls under 18 have died by abortion. Almost half of all babies conceived to mothers in this age group are now being killed, and this proportion has increased substantially in the past 5 years.

"We are deeply concerned that this reflects the pressures that young mothers face. We urgently need a change of policy on the part of the government and the medical profession to support all expectant mothers and their babies - abortion kills babies and hurts women.

"These figures make a mockery of abortion law, which requires every abortion to be authorised by two doctors on medical grounds. In reality, there is no genuine medical indication in the vast majority of cases.

"The figures also challenge the idea that women are freely deciding to have abortions. Teenage girls have been targeted by pro-abortion policies in recent years. Teenage girls are under increasing pressure firstly to become sexually active despite lacking the usual support needed to bear a child, and secondly to undergo abortions rather than give birth. These young women and their babies have been the fodder of the Blair-era teenage pregnancy strategy, with its failed target to reduce under-18 pregnancies by 50% over the past ten years. Those who are socially disadvantaged are especially vulnerable to pressure to submit to abortion. Our experience suggests that many women undergo abortions reluctantly, and many deeply regret the loss of their baby - though not all can express their sorrow."
The data are processed and issued by the ONS, but the source of the data is not stated: we believe it is the Department of Health or the Teenage Pregnancy Unit. These bodies reflect and implement pro-abortion government policies relating to abortion, and data should be read in light of this.

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