Friday 27 August 2010

Thank you Fr Euteneuer for your formidable pro-life leadership!

My thoughts and prayers are very much with Fr Thomas J Euteneuer (pictured) this evening, who stepped down today as president of Human Life International (HLI). Equally, I am praying for the board of directors of this magnificent organization, founded by Fr Paul Marx, which funds and carries out pro-life work in 105 countries worldwide. It is second to none in its international work in so many countries in defence of unborn children and in its vision of what's entailed in building a true culture of life.

My good friend Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro, director of HLI's Rome office, is taking the reins as acting president until a new appointment is made. This means that Human Life International will be in completely safe hands during its interregnum - demonstrating the strength and resourcefulness of this outstanding pro-life group.

In a moving message on HLI's website Fr Euteneuer writes:
" ... after traveling more than 1.1 million miles, authoring two books, visiting 58 countries and making thousands of public appearances, I am ready for a break! I intend to continue to do pro-life work wherever I may be called to serve, and my bishop agrees that this is a vital charism of my priestly life. A true pro-lifer is not oriented to a job so much as to the daily task of fighting the culture of death and building the culture of life! ... "
Thank you Fr Euteneuer for your formidable leadership in our historic struggle against, arguably, the greatest evil which has ever befallen humanity. As you take up your new mission, those you have inspired in so many other parts of the world will be continuing to develop the work you've done so much to establish on firm foundations.

You became universally known as the face of Human Life International. Your humility and courage in explaining the truth about the battle against abortion was, for me, beautifully expressed by 17-year old Catholic Miss Angela Rose after watching you debate with American talk show host, Sean Hannity (see below).
"This is what a priest should be like…humble, always ready to stand up for the faith and suffering humiliation all the while. We need more advocates like Father Euteneuer in the Church!" 

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