Thursday 18 November 2010

Healthcare justice means going against the anti-life tide, teaches Pope Benedict today

In the latest of a series of strong and significant recent statement on pro-life issues, Pope Benedict has today, in a message to the Pontifical Council for Health Pastoral Care, said:
"[T]he world of healthcare cannot divorce itself from moral rules, which must govern it in order to ensure it does not become inhuman ... [H]ealthcare justice must be one of the priorities on the agendas of governments and international institutions. Unfortunately, along with positive and encouraging results, opinions and schools of thought exist which harm this justice. I am thinking of questions such as those associated with so-called 'reproductive health', the use of artificial procreation techniques that involve the destruction of embryos, and legalised euthanasia. Love for justice, the defence of life from conception until natural end, must be supported and proclaimed, even if this means going against the tide. Fundamental ethical values are the shared heritage of universal morality and the basis for democratic coexistence"
Today's statement is a stinging rebuke to those Catholics who:
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