Thursday 20 January 2011

Irish voters must use their general election vote for life and family

Brian Cowen, the Irish prime minister, has announced 11 March as the date of the Irish general election. My colleague Pat Buckley of European Life Network (pictured) has written some important guidance on his blog, which I encourage all my Irish readers to follow. Pat writes:
"I would encourage all my Irish colleagues to contact representatives of all parties to clarify their position on the critical social issues such as the right to life of the unborn and to vote only for pro-life, pro-family candidates. It would be a grave error for political parties to focus only on economic policies when there are equally disastrous social policies that require urgent attention


I am convinced that strong statements now by all parties on the importance of the natural family based on marriage, the right to life from conception to natural death, the rights of parents in respect of their children's development and education together with real commitments to improve their position in the future administration, will attract real support from the electorate particularly if these issues are held sacred and and are non-negotiable and without compromise.

I would also ask colleagues to contact me when and if you succeed in getting real commitments from potential candidates so that we can make a strategic list of candidates who are willing to make firm commitments on critical issues such as the right to life of the unborn."
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