Sunday 9 January 2011

Jamaican pro-lifers are taking real action to resist the UK's export of the culture of death

Kingston, Jamaica
Last Sunday I was very happy to report that there is a flourishing pro-life movement in the former Soviet republic of Belarus. This Sunday I am also very happy to pass on a report of great pro-life action in Jamaica. A letter in this weekend's Catholic Herald newspaper here in England reports that Catholics in Kingston, Jamaica are building a
"hospital for those women who are struggling with their pregnancies. There will be pre-natal care, skills training, support of all kinds and, in the eventuality of being able to look after the baby, the mother can have him or her taken into care."
This initiative is a great way to respond to the UK's government's renewed export of abortion to the developing world. So congratulations to the Catholics of Kingston for giving pro-lifers around the world a great example.

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