Tuesday 18 January 2011

It's good news that the over-population myth is crumbling

Dominic Lawson of The Independent newspaper has written an excellent article using the latest information to debunk the over-population myth (about which I blogged several times in 2009: 15 Jan, 30 May, 1 June, 28 Aug, 20 Nov, 29 Dec). Do read his article in full. Mr Lawson writes:
"the experts are coming round to the view that it has all been one giant false alarm".
He cites a number of useful new sources, including:
  • Dr Tim Fox, Institution of Mechanical Engineers: 'We can meet the challenge of feeding a planet of 9 billion people through the application of existing technologies'
  • "[D]etailed report on "sustainability" published last week by the French national agricultural and development research agencies came up with the same answer."
  • "Joel Cohen, the professor of populations at Columbia University's Earth Institute, told National Geographic: Those who say the whole problem [of climate change] is population are wrong. It's not even the dominant factor.'"
Mr Lawson argues cogently that fear of the earth being over-populated is based on misanthropy and hype. This is good news, because that misanthropy and hype will eventually crumble, giving way to what Lawson calls "rational optimism" and thus to protection of the unborn, the disabled and the elderly. The culture of death is narrow, negative and dangerously foolish. The culture of life is open, positive and confidently real. The pro-life movement, the planet and its peope have a bright future - however dark the passing cloud of the over-population myth.

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