Sunday, 2 January 2011

There is an amazing flourishing of pro-life work in Belarus

I am very happy to report that there is a flourishing pro-life movement in the former Soviet republic of Belarus. Vladislav Volohovich, a leading pro-life activist in Belarus, has kindly sent me the latest newsletter of the Open Hearts Foundation. Among other things the newsletter explains:
"During the long years of Soviet power we were instilled [with] a strange fear of pregnancy and childbirth, so women and men today simply do not know what to do with children, and do not want for themselves this "burden", and selfishness more and more captures young people. Fear of childbirth, negative attitude[s] of medical staff and many other [things] stop modern moms and dads [from child-bearing]."
The newsletter also details pro-life activity in Belarus' main cities: conferences, vigils, pilgrimages. Both the Orthodox Church, Belarus' majority denomination, and the Catholic Church are active in pro-life activity. So congratulations to Belarus' pro-lifers for starting to turn the historical and contemporary tide, and giving us in the West a great example.

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