Wednesday 25 April 2012

Watch this wonderful pro-life video

I was recently sent a wonderful pro-life video. The film depicts the thoughts of a baby who is aware that they are about to be killed in their mother's womb. The poem 'Interview with an unborn child', by Dr. Mojdeh Shirvanian, is set against the back-drop of beautiful images of unborn children .

Brad Mattes of the Life Issues Institute offers his reflection on the video:
... We get to hear the baby’s firsthand response with his “voice” in the clip.
Here’s a portion of the chilling “interview:”
"My loudest cry is in silence. My most beautiful dreams. Turn into nightmares. My greatest pain will not reach the ears of anyone. Not even my mother. I will never know who I am. Only He who has made me different from all others will know me. He sees my talents and who I would become. Nobody else will ever know me. Not even my mother . . . And except for death, no one will kiss me. Not even my mother."
"It’s absolutely heartbreaking to hear these words within the context of the deaths of 1.2 million babies every year. You’ll have to watch the video in its entirety to see what comes next."
Please share this excellent pro-life video with your friends and contacts.

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