Sunday 15 April 2012

Young Maltese pro-life leaders were given strength by SPUC youth conference

Last month I reported on SPUC's very successful international youth conference. I am delighted that I am still receiving positive feedback from some of the young delegates who were present at the conference.

One such example is Charlene, a young lady from Malta who attended our conference. Charlene told me:
"Regarding the conference, Marlene and I felt that it was both educational and fun. The chosen topics were immensely interesting and the speakers were really good. They managed to present their arguments in a truly appealing way ... we felt that this conference gave us the strength to combat those who are in favour of abortion. Without any doubt, it was also a very encouraging experience."
A follow up email confirmed that these young people are already engaged in effective work to combat the culture of death and to promote a culture of life.
"At the moment in Malta we are discussing IVF. Members of Parliament will soon be voting upon a bill which would legalise IVF and this might include embryo freezing. IVF has been practised in private clinics for the last 20 years in Malta by two practitioners. IVF is not illegal in Malta, there just is no law regulating it. We'll see how things develop! I'm attaching a poster which +9STUDENTI has been distributing around University."
The poster that Charlene sent to me is the picture that you see in the top right-hand corner of this post. They also have a website: +9STUDENTI. If you open the website with certain internet browsers, for example Google Chrome, you will be offered an instantaneous translation.

However there is one article on the website which is written in English and it contains an encouraging vision of the commitment of these young people to defending and promoting life. The article reads:
"What’s +9STUDENTI’s mission about?

I could sum it up by saying that we’re there to group together, organize and direct the pro-life voice amongst our post-secondary and tertiary students, recognizing in them the future of our Nation and our (hopefully pro-life) culture. We’re there to inform, form, seek out and embrace pro-life students and we’re most eager to get on board those that actually want to contribute in one way or another to promote a pro-life culture amongst our students. 'Pro-life' for us means that we’re there to assert and defend the value of life from conception till natural death across a variety of academic disciplines. We’re there to campaign so that students become a national force for life, allowing for a greater awareness of the value of our own life and of every innocent human life.

While we’re there for life and against all the threats that it could face, our name is also emblematic of the focus of our mission. As Maltese and Europeans, we face seemingly overwhelming political and cultural trends and expect abortion, and/or the disregard for human life at its most delicate pre-birth stages, to be boiled up by the political sorcerers of our age who are laying the groundwork for the victory of death through the abuse of worthy notions such as freedom, personhood, rights and dignity.

We expect the growth of an initially subtle and then potentially aggressive movement campaigning against life through the banners of choice and individual determinism, fostering a disregard for the biological realities of human life and sophistries aimed at favouring death and an egoistic and egotistical individualist culture which starts with oneself and ends with oneself.

+9STUDENTI recognizes the above and more, and is there to oppose these coming deadly trends. We’re there to group together and prepare students for the coming work ahead. As founder and President of +9STUDENTI I call on all pro-life post-secondary and tertiary students (please note that +9STUDENTI is not exclusively for University students) to get in contact with us and lend a helping hand. No help is too little, so if you believe in it, fight for it!"
It is fantastic that these young Maltese students are doing everything in their power to defend life. I hope that SPUC can continue to be of assistance to and continue to promote such courageous pro-life leadership.

Charlene and I at the youth conference in March
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