Monday 23 July 2012

Concerned parents in Tower Hamlets hear family issues expert

Dr Lisa Nolland
On 11 July 2012, over 500 mums streamed into the London Muslim Centre, to hear Dr Lisa Nolland, a leading family issues expert. Most of the parents had been active in collecting over 10,000 signatures for a petition calling on Tower Hamlets council to stop funding explicit sex education in the borough’s primary schools.

In a lecture titled, “Giving our children the best”, Dr Nolland gave a social historian’s analysis of how we come to have UK schools showing graphic cartoon sex scenes to young children in the classroom.

It all started with Dr Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956), whose “sick-sex ideology” spread through Playboy, pornography, world sexual health organisations and into sex education programmes.

Dr Nolland encouraged parents to read up on this, to fully understand the background of what we are facing now.

In Dr Nolland’s view Alfred Kinsey’s legacy of perverted sexuality, including sexualising young children through explicit sex education programmes, can be seen today:

• Numbers and rates of sexually transmitted infections have risen costing the NHS £1 billion annually
• Teen pregnancy cost the NHS: £63 million annually

• Family breakdown costs the state around £42 billion annually.

Dr Nolland’s key message to parents was to understand these issues in order to be better prepared and able to protect their children.

“I want you to be the best and most effective mothers (and fathers),” she told the meeting.

“All children need lots of the 4 As from you, their mothers and fathers:

• Your AFFECTION (physical and emotional)

Please read the edited version of Dr Nolland’s presentation, which includes the books she referred to during the meeting.

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