Saturday 18 October 2008

Plymouth school promotes amongst its pupils Britain's leading abortion provider

I was contacted this week by a parent supporters of SPUC, one of whose children attends a non-denominational school in Plymouth.

Our supporters follow the advice provided by SPUC’s Safe At School service to parents – and they check the personal planner and text books provided to pupils, including looking in their child’s school bag if necessary.
It's essential that parents act as parents and exercise their rights and responsibilities as parents when children are so endangered these days by both state and church authorities.

As you can see above the planner contains the details of British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), Connexions, the Zone – the Youth Enquiry Service, and Junction/Junction Plus.

BPAS’s website proudly announces: “bpas is the leading provider of abortion services in the UK, with a national network of consultation centres and clinics

Connexions, as I have pointed out in previous posts, is a government agency which provides careers advice to young people from 13 - 19 years old and which promotes access to abortion and abortifacient birth control amongst children under the age of consent without parental knowledge or consent, including in Catholic schools with the complicity of the Catholic authorities in England.

The Zone – the Youth Enquiry Service in Plymouth provides young people with confidential “sexual health” services which includes a range of abortifacient birth control services; and Junction/Junction Plus appears to be part of The Zone – the youth enquiry service.

SPUC’s Safe at School service aims to empower parents, teachers, school governors and others – giving them up-to-date information about the provision of sex education in schools and anti-life practices which take place either on the school premises (most notably school clinics which offer contraceptives and abortion referrals) or off the school premises, in services promoted within the school in various ways.

The Government and Members of Parliament may have the right to propose laws and policies which are then approved by Parliament; but Parliamentary democracy turns into tyranny when it approves laws and policies which rob parents of their fundamental rights and responsibilities with regard to their children or when it decrees that it's legal to kill unborn children.

Parents, teachers, school governors need to exercise their right and duty to resist government policy – which includes the provision of secret abortion to our children and grandchildren. SPUC’s Safe at School campaign exists to help you do just that. Telephone Safe at School at 020 7091 7091.