Tuesday 27 October 2009

Are baboons more valuable than babies?

Michael Hill, chairman of SPUC's national executive committee and vice-chairman of SPUC, was listening this afternoon to the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2, and he sent me the following report:
"The first topic for discussion on Jeremy Vine’s radio show today was the news that research suggests the number of Down's syndrome pregnancies has risen by more than 70% over the last 20 years. This is largely a result of many women choosing to delay pregnancy and childbirth until later life, plus the use of improved screening techniques.

"I found the callers’ comments about living with Down's Syndrome very positive and encouraging, with parents saying they were now glad they hadn’t known their unborn child had the condition because they would have aborted, and others that it would be better not to have the tests rather than face that difficult decision. Little was said about the injustice of killing a child because it may have Down's Syndrome, or any other undesirable condition.

"The second item on the show, however, was about how A.A. Gill (pictured) had shot and killed a baboon whilst visiting Africa, just to experience what it might be like to kill a human being. This, in contrast, caused outrage and condemnation from all quarters, with one caller suggesting the man should shoot himself rather than the baboon."

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