Monday 5 October 2009

If we want a culture of death to continue to be imposed in Europe, let's back Tony Blair as EU president

It appears that a majority of the British public, as well as Tory party leaders, are opposed to Tony Blair becoming European Union (EU) president.

Whatever their reasons for opposing Tony Blair, it's important for we Europeans to understand, that if we want a culture of death to continue to be imposed in our countries, then Tony Blair is the man to appoint as EU president.

History shows that, as a British member of parliament and prime minister, Tony Blair has been one of the world's major architects of the culture of death. Since becoming a Catholic, he has refused to repudiate the anti-life policies and legislation he pursued, and succeeded in enacting, throughout his political career. These include:
  • voting for abortion up to birth three times;
  • personally endorsing his government's policy of supplying abortion and abortifacient birth control drugs and devices to schoolgirls as young as 11 without parental knowledge or consent; 
  • his government’s commitment to the promotion of abortion on demand as a universal fundamental human right;
  • personally championing destructive experiments on human embryos; and 
  • his government's legislation which allows, and in certain circumstances requires, doctors to starve and dehydrate to death vulnerable patients.
I must add that, when so much is at stake for Europe, it really was indefensible of L'Osservatore Romano to have published such an effusive double-page interview with Tony Blair. Countless human lives continue to be destroyed as a direct result of the policies he has championed - and refuses to repudiate. Countless parents in Britain are robbed of their inalienable rights and responsibilities by the secret abortion policy for schoolchildren he championed as prime minister - and refuses to repudiate. Unlike St. Paul, Tony Blair has had no road to Damascus conversion. Surely it's not appropriate for the Vatican's semi-official newspaper to risk giving an impression of carrying out public relations for a committed anti-life politician who is well known to be seeking high office?

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