Tuesday 6 October 2009

Ghanaian cardinal should condemn condom use

It is disturbing to read that, once again, Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana has failed conspicuously to condemn the use of condoms. In comments reported at the Synod for Africa, currently taking place in Rome, he speaks mainly about the ineffectiveness and inadvisability of using condoms to prevent the spread of HIV. At no time does he say that condom use is wrong - in fact, he refuses to say publicly one way or the other, repeating a line that couples must make their own decision.

Cardinal Turkson's equivocation on the issue is in stark contrast with Pope Benedict's comments on the 40th anniversary of Humanae Vitae (Pope Paul VI's encyclical which condemned the use of contraception as intrinsically wrong):
“The truth expressed in Humanae Vitae does not change; rather, in light of the new scientific findings, its teaching becomes even more up to date and induces reflection upon its intrinsical value.”
After 36 years of working in the pro-life movement, I am convinced that the teaching of Humanae Vitae on the inseparable connection between the unitive significance and the procreative significance of the marriage act is of fundamental importance for the future of the family and for the sanctity of human life throughout the world. Furthermore, I believe that what is happening today to the family and to the sanctity of human life in Europe provides overwhelming evidence of the prophetic importance of Pope Paul VI’s words:
“The Church, nevertheless, in urging men to the observance of the precepts of the natural law, which it interprets by its constant doctrine, teaches that each and every marital act must of necessity retain its intrinsic relationship to the procreation of human life." Humanae Vitae, 11
I have explained previously why, to my mind, it’s quite clear that countless human lives have been destroyed as a result of the rejection of Humanae Vitae and its teaching on the wrongfulness of the separation of the unitive significance and procreative significance of the conjugal act, not least through birth control and IVF practices.
Cardinal Turkson must come off the fence and condemn all use of condoms.

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