Saturday 24 October 2009

Get to know the works of pro-life professor John Keown

There is a vast, growing body of academic research which underpins the arguments of the campaign in support of pro-life legislation. The work of leading scholars helps to provide a firm foundation for the culture of life - a culture which persists throughout the world in spite of apparently unending attacks on human life by pro-abortion governments and organizations.

One such scholar is Professor John Keown (pictured). Professor Keown was a senior lecturer in the law and ethics of medicine at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, and he currently holds the Rose F. Kennedy Chair in Christian Ethics at Georgetown University, Washington. His academic output is vast and his research has been cited widely, in particular by the U.S. Supreme Court (in its decision on physician-assisted suicide), by the English Court of Appeal (in the conjoined twins case, 2000); and by the House of Lords Select Committee on Medical Ethics.

SPUC has listed over 100 of his publications on abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, the legal status of the in-vitro embryo, the morning-after pill - reviewing these issues in England, the US, the Netherlands and other legal jurisdictions around the world.

As we prepare for the Brown government's final anti-life legislative push expected in November - promoting access to abortion for schoolchildren without parental knowledge and consent - it's important to spend time deepening our understanding of the ethical and legal issues in which we are engaged. Over the coming weeks and months, SPUC will be publishing a reference library of titles of seminal research which I hope will be useful to everyone engaged in our great campaign for life.

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