Sunday 4 October 2009

European Humanist Federation launches attack on parents' "power" to protect their children

The European Humanist Federation has launched an attack on the right of parents to protect their children from state-run sex and relationships education.

David Pollock (pictured), the President of the European Humanist Federation, speaking last week at a human rights meeting organized by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), complained that parents were going far beyond the "narrow range" of cases of conscientious objection allowed by OSCE guidelines.

Referring to parents' objections to sex and relationships education, he said: " ... children must be protected from damage to their education or health: there must be limits to their parents' power over them ... ".

Tragically, severe limits on parents' inalienable right and duty to protect their children from state sponsored sex and relationship education are widely imposed in Britain - including the provision of abortion and contraception without parental knowledge or authority. What's even worse is that Catholic Church authorities in England and Wales are complicit in their imposition.

This is not a conspiracy against parents. A conspiracy involves an evil plan formulated in secret. Those attacking or undermining the right and duty of parents to protect their children are doing so quite openly - whether they are members of the European Humanist Federation, such as David Pollock, government officials, or church officials, such as the Catholic Education Service. The evil that they do must be resisted quite openly by parents. Supportive groups - such as SPUC's Safe at School - are there to help parents every step of the way.

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