Tuesday 10 November 2009

Slight increase in abortions in Northern Ireland

New statistics suggest there has been a slight increase in the numbers of abortions in Northern Ireland. Liam Gibson of SPUC Northern Ireland told the media today:
"Even a slight increase in the number of abortions is a matter of grave concern since every abortion means the death of a child. The law in Northern Ireland protects both women and children. Any medical intervention which would risk a child's life is only lawful if the doctor considers it necessary to save the mother's life. It is not lawful for a doctor to intend the child's death.

"There is evidence, however, that abortions have been performed simply because the child may have been disabled. Abortions for disability are form of fatal discrimination and are unlawful in Northern Ireland. It is very worrying, therefore, that the health minister claims he doesn't know the reasons for which abortions are carried out in Northern Ireland. How can the health department tell if these abortions are lawful if it hasn't verified the reasons for them? As a matter of urgency, the minister should tell the Stormont assembly what monitoring procedures he will establish to prevent unlawful abortions.

"Abortion is not health care. There is never any medical justification for ending a child's life. No one has ever shown a verifiable medical benefit to abortion. There is a growing body of research detailing the damaging physical and psychological effects abortion can have on women. Abortion is never a compassionate response to a crisis pregnancy."
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