Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Petition against euthanasia by neglect launched

SPUC has launched a UK petition against euthanasia by neglect. We are calling on all people of good will to help us prevent this horrific abuse of vulnerable patients in our hospitals.

Vulnerable people are being put at risk every day in hospitals of being killed by the withdrawal of ordinary care, including food and water. Food and water, whether given by mouth or by means of tube feeding, are essential for everyone's survival.

Elderly people are being made to feel that society will not care for them. We have to show them that we care and that we will not abandon them when they are most vulnerable. Elderly people should not be made to feel as though receiving proper, ordinary care is a burden either on their families or on the NHS.

This petition is also about the need to protect doctors. The situation is now so bad that doctors who refuse to starve patients, when asked to do so, can be banned.

A small, but vocal minority of doctors want the power to end life. Our doctors are supposed to care for, not help to kill us. Euthanasia by neglect gravely undermines vulnerable people and destroys everyone's confidence in doctors.

Signatories to SPUC's petition are calling upon the Secretary of State for Health and the General Medical Council to ensure that no patient is deliberately killed by the withdrawal of ordinary treatment and care, including food and water.

Please order a copy of the petition by contacting SPUC HQ

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