Saturday, 16 October 2010

Mary Robinson, winner of Christian knighthood, promoted crimes and attacks against human life

I see that Mary Robinson, the former Irish president and UN High Commission for human rights, has received a Christian knighthood. At the end of last month she was invested as a Dame of the Irish Grand Priory of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus.

The aims and obligations of the Order of St Lazarus require that "all members of the order ... shall be committed to the upholding with their lives, fortunes and honour, the principles of Christianity, and shall stand united before all men in their determination to live and die following the teaching of Christ and His Holy Church."

Unfortunately, those making this award clearly did not consult God-fearing Irish citizens or, indeed, the author of this blog.

If they had done so they would have discovered that Mary Robinson has devoted much of her career to opposing the teaching of Christ and His Holy Church, not least in fighting for the legalization of abortion. The Catholic Church, for example, describes abortion as a crime and attack against human life.

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