Thursday 30 June 2011

Doctors expose the bias and futility of Lord Falconer's fake 'commission' on assisted suicide

Peter Saunders, the stalwart head of the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) and a former surgeon, has sent me some great news from the British Medical Association (BMA) Annual Representative Meeting (ARM). The ARM passed, by a clear majority on a show of hands, the following motion:
[T]his Meeting:-

i) notes that the significant majority of members of Lord Falconer’s Commission on Assisted Dying are publicly in favour of assisted suicide and euthanasia;
ii) supports the BMA’s stance in not giving evidence to the DEMOS Commission on Assisted Dying;
iii) questions the stated impartiality and independence of the Commission on Assisted Dying;
iv) requests the BMA Ethics Committee to make the Association’s opposition to assisted suicide and euthanasia clear to the Commission on Assisted Dying;
v) requests the BMJ editorial team to present a balanced and unbiased coverage of the Commission on Assisted Dying.
Not only has the 'commission' been stacked with assisted suicide supporters, it is part-funded by Sir Terry Pratchett, who is now the UK's most high-profile assisted suicide campaigner. This motion will help to counter-act the inevitable media propaganda in favour of legalising assisted suicide which will almost certainly follow once Lord Falconer's fake 'commission' issues its report.

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