Wednesday 15 June 2011

Polish women are standing up for a total abortion ban

SPUC's Polish colleagues are recommending an exciting new initiative to protect unborn children. A growing list of Polish women journalists are signing an open letter (see press release and letter below) calling for a complete legislative ban on abortion in Poland. Polish law allows abortion in three circumstances: danger to the mother's life or health; pregnancy as a result of a criminal act; or serious disability. As a result of many years of educational campaigns by the Catholic Church and the pro-life movement, the numbers of abortions in Poland are relatively very low. That said, all abortions are equally wrong, because all unborn children have an equal right to life. It is absolutely vital that the law upholds the right to life of all human beings equally at every stage of life, from conception to natural death. Even the smallest exception or ambiguity in the terms of legal protection can lead to the intentional killing of innocent human beings, not just through abortion but also euthanasia and embryo research. I therefore recommend the open letter and encourage readers of this blog to forward it to any Polish women journalists they may know.

Open Letter from Women Journalists Against Abortion

"I've noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born."
Ronald Reagan
New York Times, 22 September 1980

Press release:

Defuse the abortion bomb!

Thanks to a grassroots political initiative in Poland, there is a legislative proposal to completely protect prenatal life at all stages. In support of this proposal, women journalists from secular and Christian media have publicly expressed their strong opposition to abortion in the Open Letter from Women Journalists. The letter, addressed foremost to members of parliament, shows that Polish women do not accept the killing of innocent and defenseless beings. Nor do they accept abortion pressure groups, which lobby for their own interests rather than for the benefit of women and society. The signatories hope for the restoration of moral order through this legislation. Protecting all of the unborn will defuse the abortion bomb, which destroys mothers, fathers and entire families, and which devastates society. The signatories also hope for a reaction from other groups, which will bravely step forward in the defense of women and children.

Open Letter from Women Journalists Against Abortion

To lawmakers, decision-makers, doctors and media representatives:

The current Polish abortion law allows abortion of fetuses considered sick or handicapped. Any law which does not protect the most helpless and defenseless members of society is barbaric. A new legislative proposal protecting the unborn is an opportunity to correct this injustice.

A vote for the protection of the unborn would be a vote for the restoration of moral order. It would be a vote for the protection of women, and the protection of their relationship with their children. It would also be a vote for the restoration of dignity and respect for motherhood. It would be in the interest not only of women and children, but also of fathers, families and all of society. It is worth emphasizing that this bill would not adversely affect the medical treatment of pregnant women.

A vote against the legal protection of the unborn would mean a victory for abortion fanatics, radical feminists, and their perverse vision of women’s rights. This vision is based on the lie that abortion is a simple medical procedure with no negative consequences. However, there is nothing more irreversible and tragic, nothing more humiliating, degrading and objectifying of women. This feminist vision also denies the value of fatherhood and the unity of families.

A lack of support for the protection of life would also mean a victory for the abortion lobby, which dreams of high abortion rates, of revenues from government contracts, and of increased sales of abortion equipment and pharmaceuticals.

We look forward to courageous support for the respect and dignity of women and children and the legal protection they deserve.


Natalia Dueholm, editor, Opcja na Prawo,
(and 81 other Polish women journalists as of 15 June 2011)

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