Thursday 9 June 2011

Russian pro-lifers are driving down a road to pro-life success

Igor Beloborodov (pictured), a Russian demographer and a leader of the Russian pro-life movement, has written a fascinating account of how Moscow officialdom tried to stop the 3rd annual Moscow pro-life car rally:
"It was a high-ranked law-enforcement official—a police colonel, a deputy chief of police from the local police department. For a long time he tried to find any fault with us, and since he failed, he charged us with having no permission from the city authorities, then with carrying out an unauthorized rally, then with standing on the grass, etc.

His rudeness and cynicism perfectly supplemented each other. The road policemen and the colonel walked on the grass not less intensively, smoking and throwing cigarette stubs. And when our people stepped out from the grass they were charged with obstructing the sidewalk.

Though a moving motorcade cannot be considered as a meeting, the police official told us that since we got out of our cars we hold a meeting. He didn’t care about the fact that it was the request of police to stop and get out of the cars."
I'm often amazed at just how ridiculous the attempts of our opponents to obstruct our pro-life message can be! Well done Igor and everyone involved in the rally! Igor is a key organiser of the World Congress of Families Moscow Demographic Summit in Moscow later this month, where SPUC will be represented. Also, Anthony Ozimic, SPUC's communications manager, had the pleasure recently of joining Igor on Russian TV in a one-hour round-table discussion on the demographic crisis facing Russia and the world.