Friday 10 June 2011

The Tablet ignores the plight of the unborn in its whitewash of post-war Europe

The Tablet editor's pen
This weekend's editorial in The Tablet says:
"The last 60 years of European history, which saw the rise of the European Union, are an unprecedented story of peace and prosperity ... Never before have so many European Governments conducted themselves in accordance with the recognisably Christian principles of democracy, human rights and the rule of law."
Really? Let's do a fact-check.

In the UK alone since 1967, there have been over seven million people killed by recorded abortions - at least one million more people than the estimated total of Jews killed by the Nazis.

Here are some approximate* abortion statistics from the other large western European countries:
  • Germany (since 1996 alone i.e. not including pre-reunification East or West Germany): c.1.9 million
  • France (since 1976 alone): c.6.5 million (France was the first country in the worldwide to legalise the use in abortions of RU-486 - the Zyklon-B for unborn children.)
  • Spain (since 1986 alone): c.1.4 million
  • Italy (since 1980 alone): c.4.5 million
The total for the UK plus these countries as above equals 21 million, more than the estimated total of extra-judicial Nazi killings of non-combatants (Jews plus other groups e.g. Catholic clergy, Russian POWs etc.) - and that's according to the broadest definition and highest estimate of those Nazi killings. It also equals the highest estimated total of extra-judicial Communist killings in eastern Europe.

Needless to say, the total number of abortions in Europe since the second world war is much higher when one includes the smaller western European nations, or eastern Europe countries before or after Communism. None of these figures include the countless (though almost certainly millions of) abortions caused by abortifacient birth control drugs and devices. And then one could add the millions of people killed in embryo research (more than two million in the UK alone since 1991); through assisted suicide and euthanasia, or through the pro-abortion population control programmes which the EU and its member-states are promoting, bankrolling and imposing throughout the world.

An era in which Europe has killed tens of millions of innocent children - and The Tablet calls it an era of "peace", "prosperity", "democracy", "human rights", "the rule of law".

Need I say more? Yes, one thing: Tabula delenda est.

* Accurate abortion statistics for different countries can be difficult to source and verify. Readers are invited to email me at if they can provide more accurate statistics than the ones I've quickly sourced here.

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