Sunday 21 August 2011

Read Anthony Ozimic's introduction to stem cell research

Anthony Ozimic, SPUC's communications manager, has authored a new paper entitled "The past, present and possible future of stem cell research". It is written as an introduction to stem cell research for anyone as yet unfamiliar with the subject. Do the read it in full on the SPUC website and share with anyone who think may benefit it from it. Anthony writes:
"One of the best-known fields within cutting-edge science today is stem cell research. Every week not just the scientific press but increasingly the mainstream media report new breakthroughs. The advances are being made at all stages of the scientific process: speculation, theory, laboratory research, clinical trials and patient treatments. At the same time as these technical achievements, a debate about the ethics of different types of stem cell technology continues to rage, nationally and internationally.

Everyone conscious of the debate about stem cells realises that it is not merely a pedantic in-house discussion between academics. Momentous issues are at stake: the creation and destruction of human entities, the future of medical science and the limits of official power. Individuals, too, may be powerfully affected: from the family of the Parkinson’s patient hoping for a cure, to the women suffering life-threatening side-effects after donating their eggs for research.1 It’s a debate no one interested in science and humanity can afford to miss."
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