Friday 19 August 2011

Watch this excellent video on abortion by Michael Voris

Michael Voris, the renowned American Catholic apologist, is this week presenting "No bull in Madrid: fighting the pop culture bull" for young Catholic pilgrims attending World Youth Day in Madrid. One of the videos he has produced this week is a superb explanation of the responsibility of Catholics, both laity and clergy but particularly bishops, to "lay it on the line" to Catholic politicians who support abortion. Michael says:
"The problem of pro-abortion politicians who are Catholic has been one which has been too long ignored in the Church these past 40 years or so ... The refusal on the part of many leaders in the Church to really take on the issue of Catholics who support abortion has done tremendous harm to many of the faithful ... The youth of today have been left afloat on a dangerous sea ... People in the Church, bishops, priests and laity must, for the love of God, step up and lay it on the line and be there for these young people. They are the victims, they are the ones who have been lied to..."
Do watch the whole video on YouTube or below:

I am therefore delighted that Michael will be speaking in London on Wednesday evening in a talk organised by my son Paul:
"Living the Catholic Faith Radically!", Wednesday 24 August, at Regent Hall, 275 Oxford Street, London W1C 2DJ. Doors open 7pm. The closest tube station is Oxford Circus. Bond Street and Marble Arch are also within walking distance. All tickets are £5 and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. You can purchase them via paypal at
Do please try to attend and to spread the word. If you're on Facebook, you can help spread the word by using the event's Facebook page to invite your Facebook friends.

P.S. People who follow the US Catholic blogosphere closely may have stumbled across some tittle-tattle about Michael's company. Michael sent us an email about it yesterday which we reproduce below with his permission:
"[T]he story was a piece of dirty journalism. When the reporter and I hung up the phone, we had agreed that I needed a few days to get to the bottom of all this. He agreed. I said because of the complications of being overseas and having to try to reach the state and deal with government bureaucracy, it might take me up to a week. I notice in his story, he relates that they started looking into the anonymous tip as far back as August 10 with multiple calls. I said I would need a few days as well. He agreed. In about 24 hours, they ran the story. In any realm of journalism, that's underhanded and deceptive."
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