Wednesday 3 August 2011

Today's must-read pro-life news-stories, Wed 3 Aug

Families in the Horn of Africa
Top stories:

Good news for Irish culture of life as David Norris leaves presidential race
David Norris, the anti-life Irish senator, has announced that he has dropped out of the race for the Irish presidency. Mr Norris, who is also a high-profile homosexual, left the race following controversy about his attitude to child sex abuse. John Smeaton, SPUC director said that Mr Norris's withdrawal was "good news for the culture of life in Ireland, given [Mr Norris's] flippant, discriminatory views against the humanity of unborn children." [John Smeaton, 2 August]

UK Christian doctor debunks latest poll commissioned by euthanasia lobby
A leading UK Christian doctor has debunked the latest poll commissioned by the UK's euthanasia lobby. The poll suggested that two-thirds of Britons support assisted suicide for the terminally-ill but only one-third supports assisted suicide for disabled people. Peter Saunders, head of the Christian Medical Fellowship, said that the poll failed to take into account the overlap between terminally-ill people and disabled people. He also said that the euthanasia lobby has failed to define 'terminally-ill' and 'disabled' convincingly. [Peter Saunders, 2 August]

UNFPA exploiting Horn of Africa famine to push population control
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which bankrolls population control internationally, is exploiting the famine in the Horn of Africa (pictured) to promote so-called 'family planning'. Babatunde Osotimehin, UNFPA's executive director, said that "we need with member states to ensure women and particularly young girls have access to education, including sexual education, and access to health services and reproductive health services including family planning." [Reuters, 2 August] Anthony Ozimic of SPUC commented: "So-called 'sexual education', 'reproductive health services' and 'family planning' are UNFPA's code-words for contraception, abortion and population control. UNFPA's main interest is preventing the poor from being born, not saving their lives."

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Sexual ethics
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