Tuesday 16 August 2011

Today's must-read pro-life news-stories, Tue 16 Aug

Masked pro-abortion activists
Top stories:

UK guidelines may strip pharmacists of conscience rights on morning after pill
New guidelines issued by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) could result in pro-life pharmacists losing their job. The guidelines say that pharmacists with a conscientious objection to dispensing morning-after pills or IVF drugs must refer customers to another pharmacist and ensure that the second pharmacist can supply the drugs. John Smeaton, SPUC director, commented: "The GPhC could soon be faced with a legal challenge, as the contractual demands of employers in no way trumps the legal right to conscientious objection, which is protected in international human rights instruments." [LifeSiteNews.com, 15 August] http://bit.ly/ou4wti and [Catholic Herald, 15 August] http://bit.ly/nOhmzh

Filipino parishioners to rally against trade in abortion drugs
The clergy and parishioners of a Manila Catholic church are due to rally this Friday against the trade in abortion drugs. The rally will protest against the authorities' failure to stamp out the trade. Msgr. Jose Clemente Ignacio, the church's rector, said the authorities "need to capture all distributors, all suppliers and close down all abortion clinics in" the area." [Philippine Daily Inquirer, 15 August] http://bit.ly/q9pEz8

Media ignores vandalism of Austrian pro-life office
The media in Austria has ignored an attack by vandals on the Austrian office of the European regional director of Human Life International (HLI). Seven windows were broken and other damage caused following a pro-life march. During the march pro-lifers required extensive protection from pro-abortion activists wearing black masks (pictured). [Vatican Insider, 12 August] http://bit.ly/rh1LhR

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