Tuesday 2 August 2011

Today's must-read pro-life news-stories, Tue 2 Aug

SPUC's Dr Thomas Ward
8,000 pro-lifers rally against Philippines population control bill
8,000 Catholic pro-lifers have attended a rally against the government's population control bill. The clergy and laity of Pagadian diocese, with members of the Human Life International (HLI) Pilipinas, marched through the centre of Pagadian city. [CathNews Philippines, 1 August] http://bit.ly/ozscKc The rally is the latest of many large-scale rallies against the bill across the country.

Indian state offers incentives to discourage sex-selection abortion
Jharkhand state in eastern India is offering financial support to parents of female children in a bid to discourage sex-selection abortion. The incentives include free education and investments. There are a number of religious, cultural and socio-economic factors in India contributing to a prejudice against conceiving girls. [Catholic Culture, 1 August] http://bit.ly/pzwjQV

Obama admin will force insurance coverage of morning-after pills
US President Obama's administration has accepted a recommendation to force health insurance companies to cover morning-after pills. The move is part of Mr Obama's healthcare plans. Jeanne Monahan, director of Family Research Council’s Center for Human Dignity, said: “The mandate will include FDA-approved drugs like Ella and Plan B that are misleadingly labeled ‘emergency contraceptives’ despite the fact that they can actually destroy a developing baby prior to or after implanting in the mother’s womb." [LifeNews.com, 1 August] http://bit.ly/r7A9Cq

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