Friday 12 August 2011

Research into impact of abortion on abortionists is needed

Dr Sharma is facing charges for
misconduct while assisting with an abortion.
The Daily Mail has reported that Dr. Narendra Sharma (pictured), an anesthetist at a Marie Stopes abortion facility in Manchester, has been accused of using the hands of sedated women to perform sexual acts on himself as they underwent abortions. Dr. Sharma, is reportedly facing allegations of misconduct for a second time having been cleared of similar charges in 2009.

The General Medical Council (GMC) is bringing the case against Dr. Sharma. Tim Smith, the GMC’s lawyer, has said: "It is the GMC’s case that Dr Sharma was using the hand of this semi-conscious patient undertaking this procedure for his own sexual stimulation and gratification”. Two members of staff at the abortion facility have claimed they witnessed the incident.

To my mind, the alleged appalling abuse of this mother also brings home the horrific nature of the professional task of the co-perpetrator - that is, killing this mother's unborn child. It's like a scene from the holocaust but this is a holocaust taking place right now in the heart of Britain. The agents of this holocaust work for legally recognized charities funded by the British government. Moreover, research into the effects of abortion on the behaviour of the health professionals who carry out the killing urgently needs to be commissioned and conducted.

Every abortion is a tragedy. Personally, I find the story of this alleged incident particularly tragic because it highlights the vulnerable position into which women seeking abortions put themselves. Those who counsel women and offer them alternatives to abortion will often tell you that most women do not want abortions, but choose them because of pressure coming from third parties. Let's pray and continue to work so that abortion is recognised for what it is - a crime that kills babies and violates women. 

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