Monday 24 November 2008

"I drove my daughter to the abortion clinic like a lamb to the slaughterhouse ... "

Here's a story in the press which, for once, tells the unvarnished truth about abortion - and, in particular, about abortion on a girl of 12. Let's get this story to every school in Britain in the light of the government's abortion policy for the under-16s which is likely to stepped up in the months ahead.

It begins:

"TEARS FLOWED freely in Gordon House yesterday during a gripping presentation by a foreigner, now living in Jamaica, who recounted a tale of how she forced her daughter to carry out an abortion.

"She has been haunted by the grave decision more than two decades later. Members of the public seated in the gallery and even parliamentary staff were moved to tears following the touching submission to the joint select committee considering the report of the Abortion Policy Review Group.

"Anne Arthur, a grief counsellor, was overcome with emotion as she shared the story with the committee of how her instructions to abort her then '12-week-old granddaughter' had left an indelible scar on her mind.

"'I drove my daughter to the abortion clinic like a lamb to the slaughterhouse, against her will', she lamented ... " Read the full story here. We need to get this tragic story to every school in the country, including faith schools which are also hit by the government's abortion policy, as the government & sex education establishment intensify their efforts to provide confidential abortion and birth control advice and services to schoolchildren under the age of 16.