Monday 3 November 2008

Please say an extra prayer today that US voters reject Obama

I have written about Senator Obama's extremist anti-life credentials before on this blog (7 July, 27 July, 31 July, 29 August, 30 August, 1 September and 7 October). National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) have produced an easy-to-read guide comparing the stances on abortion of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates. Senator Obama has promised that his first act as president will be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). Michael Moses, a lawyer for the American Catholic bishops, has warned that FOCA would force all Catholic hospitals and medical professionals to provide abortions, with no opt-outs or rights of conscientious objection.

On this last point, one is reminded of legislation and policies introduced by Tony Blair and his government: under his government's Mental Capacity Act, for example, doctors who refuse on clinical or other ethical grounds to implement an advance refusal of treatment face litigation and possibly criminal conviction; and Tony Blair personally endorsed his government's policy of providing schoolchildren under the age of 16 with abortions and birth control drugs and devices without parental knowledge or consent.

A reader reminded me today of an illuminating letter earlier this year in The Independent from Stephen Dorril, Sir Oswald Mosley's biographer, who wrote: "I thought I was being irrational in my total dislike of Barack Obama, but now realise, having read Dominic Lawson's excellent analysis of the Obama cult (26 February), that there are others who are also very wary of a populist politician who seems to be veering towards fascism." He goes on to compare him with Tony Blair. It's worth a read. I wish it could be widely read and understood on the other side of the Atlantic. Please say an extra prayer today that US voters reject Obama - for America's and for all our sakes.