Thursday 6 November 2008

New President Most Pro-Abortion in US History

I wrote on Wednesday that the Barack Obama's election to become, later this year, US President, represents an incalculable setback for humanity.

Life Issues Institute,* one of the leading pro-life educational bodies in the US, has issued a statement which powerfully puts into perspective the significance of Senator Barack Obama's election. I reproduce here in full:

New President Most Pro-Abortion in Nation's History

"Voters have made this election a first for America by electing the most pro-abortion president in the history of our nation. Senator Barack Obama will assume the power of the presidency, defined as the most powerful position in the world.

"During his political career, Barack Obama has consistently voted against innocent preborn children. He has repeatedly voted to deny basic medical care to babies who survive late-term abortions, and voted against efforts to end the gruesome partial-birth abortion procedure. As a candidate for president, Senator Obama had pledged to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) which would override any and all restrictions on abortion throughout nine months of pregnancy. It would also force taxpayers to fund abortion-on-demand.

"Of equal concern is Senator Obama’s pledge to appoint only judges who support Roe v. Wade, which could effectively impose the death penalty on future generations of America’s innocent unborn children.

"In addition, pro-abortion Democrats retained control of the US Senate and House of Representatives. Undoubtedly, American citizens can expect a radical pro-abortion agenda from its newly elected leaders.

"Bradley Mattes, Executive Director of Life Issues Institute, said, “With federal legislation no longer an option for a minimum of two years, pro-life education is absolutely central and critical to our future efforts of ending abortion. The key to countering this devastating political loss is to change the hearts and minds of Americans on abortion and related life issues. That can only be done through effective pro-life education.”

"Mr. Mattes added, “Pro-life education is the foundation on which we must build future political and legislative victories to protect unborn babies. We will not give up and we will not waiver in our resolve and determination to end this modern-day holocaust of abortion.”

*The President of Life Issues Institue is Dr Jack Willke, the legendary "Father" of the US pro-life movement. Please pray for his wife Barbara who's not well. Jack and Barbara have travelled the world for decades spreading the pr0-life message and their many books have been published in dozens of languages.