Wednesday 13 May 2009

Blairs' ambitions floundering, reports the Guardian

One usually expects bleak, misleading anti-life propaganda from the Guardian newspaper but today may be different. Hugh O'Shaughnessy, writing for the Guardian website today, reports that Tony Blair and his Faith Foundation are becoming something of a failure.

O'Shaughnessy cites, as well as other matters. the conference at which Mgr Michel Schooyans delivered his masterly analysis of the Obama-Blair agenda for law and religion, which I blogged about last Sunday.

Particularly welcome is Mr O'Shaughnessy's opinion that:
"The hostility – and ridicule – that the Blairs and their associates stir up mean he is increasingly unlikely to achieve his ambition of becoming president of the EU."
The frustration of Tony & Cherie Blair's post-Downing St ambitions would be a great relief to the worldwide pro-life/pro-family movement. Their anti-life/anti-family record is lengthy and their acceptance in certain prominent Catholic milieu is disturbing. Please join me in praying that the threat they pose to life and family will be averted, and that they will become truly pro-life.