Friday 29 May 2009

Positive report in The Times on Napro Technology - the ethical fertility treatment

Oddly enough for the London Times, which is usually virulently anti-life, it has published a positive report on natural procreative technology (NaProTech or NPT). Among other things, the report points out that:
  • "NPT is offered to couples as an 'ethical alternative' to assisted reproductive techniques ... There is no egg selection, no donor insemination and no embryo wastage."
  • "NaPro is slowly establishing itself in Britain."
  • "Supporters of NPT say that its attractions are not only moral but tangible."
  • "NPT has markedly lower fees than IVF"
  • "The biggest study of NPT effectiveness [found] a live birth rate of 25.5 per cent, a figure that seems impressive given that in the UK the IVF success rate is about 23 per cent."
Do read the report in full. It's refreshing that sometimes light is allowed to shine out from the darkness of the anti-life mainstream media.