Thursday 28 May 2009

Gordon Brown's wife endorses the international pro-abortion lobby

Last month I blogged about Sarah Brown (pictured), wife of Gordon Brown, the British prime minister, and her participation in a conference where abortion was promoted. Mrs Brown has now gone one step further by openly endorsing some of the world's leading pro-abortion agencies. In a keynote address at the recent World Health Assembly (at which SPUC was represented), Mrs Brown praised the work of the:
Mrs Brown singled out for praise the late Dr Allan Rosenfield, former national chairman of Planned Parenthood of America (America's largest abortion provider) and a leading pioneer of population control in the developing world. Mrs Brown said that "[t]he medical and academic world lost a great figure" when he died last year.

I find Mrs Brown's endorsement of these pro-abortion groups worrying, considering that these groups shamelessly manipulate the issue of maternal mortality to promote their child-killing agenda. That said, I'm not surprised either, considering her husband's anti-life record and her work for EMILY's List, which helps elect female Labour candidates to Parliament, but only if they are pro-choice i.e. pro-abortion.

It seems, unfortunately, to have become de rigeur for British prime ministers' wives to promote pro-abortion organizations!