Friday 1 May 2009

Please sponsor a young man's pro-life walk

Many of you will know the Good Counsel Network. They are one of the few entirely Catholic pro-life groups in Britain. They work with women who have decided to have an abortion. Instead of abortion, they offer counselling, advice and support. This includes housing, childcare, regular financial support, baby goods such as clothes, food, baby milk, prams and toys. The network helps the girls and women to get their life back on track which, in turn, benefits the baby before and after birth. Approximately 70% of the women and girls whom Good Counsel see choose life for their babies.

Mr Conor Carroll, (pictured right, 21), who works for the network, will soon be taking part in a 75-mile, two-day religious walk across France known as the Chartres Pilgrimage. He is seeking sponsorship for his part in the walk (from Paris to Chartres) and he promises to pray for those who sponsor him.

There is an online way of sponsoring him at